Basic guidelines for the Intro 32 Class for our Club

Chassis guidelines

1. The edges of the chassis may be de-burred.
2. Ballast may be added with adhesive to the top side of the chassis only.

Assembly guidelines

1. The motor shall be fixed in place with 2 screws in the original mounting holes.
2. The pinion gear attached to the motor shall typically be: 11 teeth, 64 pitch.
3. The spur gear attached to the rear axle shall typically be: 37 teeth, 64 pitch, 16 degree.
4. The rear axle is 3/32" in diameter.
5. Lead wires shall be soldered to the motor.
6. Maximum overall width is 64mm (excluding body pins).
7. Maximum overall tyre width is 16mm.


Motors typically used are:
   a. JK Falcon 7
   b. JK Hawk 7
   c. JK Hawk Retro

Body guidelines

1. The body shall be on the BSCRA approved body list.
2. Maximum body height is 32.5mm.
3. The body shall contain a driver figure with hands, arms, shoulders and head and top half of the steering wheel.

For the full regulations on the Intro 32 Class please visit the BSCRA website or click on the link below: